The new generation of Zirconia analyzer for combustion gas analysis. A revolutionary technology introduced by combustion control specialist, RB-Technologies.


FiNCORE by RB Technologies offers a specialized sensor product line for O2% analysis. Tailored to varying analysis temperatures and distances, our products ensure accurate monitoring and control for diverse industrial needs.

Discover the versatility of FiNCORE’s product line configurations, offering options for sensor type, filter holder size/material, calibration port, display, communication protocol, and power supply. Tailor your setup to suit your exact needs for precise monitoring and control

FiNCORE offers a range of accessories to tailor AFi analyzers to your combustion unit: sampling tube, 100-220V power supply, manual or automatic calibration kit, display or H.M.I. Additionally, you can choose your installation mode with cabinet on various supports

Zirconia analyzer in situ

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If you are manufacturers or integrators for combustion systems, we give you the opportunity to add our oxygen analyzer to your product offering by creating, with you, the customized FiNCORE analyzer tailored to your installations

If you are specialized distributors in a particular country or region, our standard configurations are available to your customers’ needs and enable you to generate relevant offers at competitive prices for products available in stock.

Distributor oxygen analyzer Fincore

Our products are tailored to medium to large combustion units, for industries and tertiary sectors such as: boilers, furnaces, biomass, incinerators, dryers, … in diverse fields including: metallurgical processing, glassworks, crematoriums, district heating plants, paper mills, …


Innovation Center

The FiNCORE technology stems from RB-Technologies’ R&D. Numerous innovations aimed at enhancing manufacturing, quality, and performance have revolutionized Zirconia analyzers.

Fabrication center

The FiNCORE analyzer is a product resulting from the R&D efforts of RB-Technologies. Comprising the sensor unit, developed from our in-house technological expertise, and a dedicated control board, this oxygen analyzer is manufactured and assembled in France.

Certification / Project Management

With over 30 years of experience, we offer expert project management and certification services. Our ISO 9001 certification reflects our commitment to quality. Backed by a dedicated team of professionals, including engineers and Ph.D. holders, we ensure excellence in every project.


FiNCORE analyzers stand out as the top technology option, thanks to their exceptional ability to endure and thrive in challenging flue conditions. They excel in withstanding high temperatures, corrosive environments, moisture, and the presence of particulate matter.

FiNCORE analyzers can be upgrade for enhanced combustion monitoring capabilities. In addition to its primary function of measuring oxygen (O2) levels, the FiNCORE analyzer offers a crucial tool for optimizing combustion processes: the pRed value.

FiNCORE analyzers emerge as an indispensable component of combustion units. Its immediate availability ensures quick integration into any system, while its cost-effectiveness makes it a practical choice for a wide range of applications. Additionally, its ease of installation and maintenance enables seamless operation and longevity of combustion units across various industries.

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