1. Sampling tube
The role of the sampling tube is to drive and cool down the gas from the combustion unit to the probe. It enables efficient protection of the Zirconia sensor and improves the response time of the analyzer for large combustion units.
Direct, By-pass or Flow-booster sampling tubes can be proposed as standard accessories.

2. In addition to standard
In addition to standard 24V power supply, AFi analyzers can be tuned to connect directly to 110-220V.

Manufacturer analyzer combustion temperature
Zirconia analyzer in situ

3. Calibration of AFi Analyzers
can be achieved with manual or automatic calibration kits proposed as standard accessories.

4. Standard local display options
include a 4-20mA configuration or an alternative HMI featuring a 3.5” color display, providing direct configuration capabilities for the AFi zirconia analyzer in-situ.

5. Cabinet on various supports
Depending on the configuration and accessories of the AFi analyzer, cabinet size can be adjusted and proposed with tailored mounting solutions

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